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Befitting Epitaph for Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin of Balikumbat Village in Ngoketunjia Division in the Republic of Cameroon

 By Peter Wuteh Vakunta, PhD

Here is a collection of reactions from Cameroonians at home and in the diaspora in the wake of the death of Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin, Mayor, CPDM Section President and Member of Parliament. These pieces were culled from The Eye Newspaper, social networks, including Cameroon Online, Camnews, Campolitics, CameroonPostline, CCDHR Press Release, AFOA-KOM and more. I have the conviction that this outburst of emotions would constitute interesting material for the inscription of a befitting epitaph on the tombstone of the fallen Fon of Balikumbat.

 By The Eye Newspaper

HRH Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin of Balikumbat is no more. According to information filtering into our office from Balikumbat, he collapsed and died this morning, September 1, 2012. Famously known as the lion man, the Fon of Balikumbat it should be noted was Member of Parliament, Mayor and he died as a member of the Central Committee of the CPDM.His political career witnessed a dramatic twist when he was cited in the alleged killing of SDF District Chairman John Kohtem. Fon Doh was arrested, detained and was later granted bail. His immunity was lifted for him to appear in Court. In 2007, he contested and won CPDM primaries to go back to Parliament but his candidature was rejected by the Central Committee of the CPDM. In the early days of multi-party politics in Cameroon, Fon Doh was the lone CPDM Parliamentarian from the North West Region. At a point in time, he assumed the positions of MP and Mayor at the same time. Sources in Balikumbat hinted that following the Balikumbat tradition, the corps of a fon is never kept and thus he would be buried today.

By Joseph Nsom

No information has filtered on the cause of his death as close sources said he was active a few days earlier. On the throne since 1977, Fon Doh is closely associated with the heights and depths of the fondom. He takes credit as the former Mayor of Balikumbat Council and CPDM Member of Parliament of the Balikumbat Special constituency who served two terms up to 2007.In effect, His Majesty, Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin III has been on virtually every lip on the political map of Balikumbat Special Constituency. CPDM party comrades say he is remembered for a visionary approach to politics, defending the ruling party against all odds. Sons and daughters of Balikumbat fondom also say that he was the political bedrock of the area which became known as one of the bastions of the CPDM in the North West Region. CPDM Section President for Balikumbat II, Bayin Ignatius says that as the Mayor, His Majesty, Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin initiated road projects that linked Balikumbat Sub-division to neighboring Awing village in Santa Sub-division. He is also associated with the creation of the Balikumbat Development Organization (BADO) which emerges as the unifying instrument for Balikumbat sons and daughters. Balikumbat is one of the 13 villages of Ngoketungia Division. Earlier on August 28, 2012, another illustrious son of the North West Region, Rt. Chief Justice Nyo’Wakai died. He is remembered as one of the finest icons of the nation’s Magistrates in the then West Cameroon who later served in the Supreme Court of Cameroon. He also served as the Chief Justice of the North West Region.

By Hebert Boh

Dear All,

 I consider it an offense against departed souls to mention Rt. Justice Nyoh Wakai as a footnote to this obituary piece on the Fon of Balikumbat. I am particularly irked by the line which says of the Rt. Justice that he was "another illustrious son of the North West Region". Did I read "another" Cameroon Online is suggesting that the late Fon of Balikumbat was the other "illustrious son"? God forbid bad thing! "Tufiakwa!"

The late Fon of Balikumbat was a ruthless savage, armed, blessed and set free to visit death upon whomever he chose by the CPDM. He was the incarnation of Cameroon's "party of flames" and violent misrule. He was a perpetrator of the worst forms of human rights violations.

It would seem that the hobby of the Fon of Balikumbat was murder. He preferred massacres, the scorching of entire villages and farmlands, doubled with the rape of victims. The CPDM sponsored him and enslaved his people to a Fon who may be best described as a "blood drinkard". He never seemed to have enough of the red stuff.

Yes, I said it!

The Fon of Balikumbat gave all Fons a bad name. And it did not start with politics although it was certainly made worse by the immunity both the Fondom and parliament gave him. As a reporter, I traveled into and reported the tragedies he visited on neighboring villages for the French language paper La Nouvelle Expression, narrowly escaping lynching after I ventured too close to the foot of the hill atop of which the Fon's palace sits in Balikumbat.

I saw him at work several years before, as the President General of Cammark Football Club. As the Head of Sports at CRTV, I witnessed firsthand and up close as he threatened to take the club to its grave if he were to lose leadership. I shrugged away his threats to me as a reporter (made in his residence in the Nkwen neighborhood of Bamenda) as I recorded him for a special edition of Sports Panorama. I remember the threats to his successor at the top of the club, Mr. Ngafor.

Looking back and by comparison to his many victims, I guess we were lucky not to have been killed.

Our people do not generally speak ill of the dead. However, our people rarely have to bury someone on whose grave so many would like to spit. Our people consider Fons lost/disappeared when they die, but for a Fon who disappeared so many people and summarily executed others or commanded the troops that did the killings, this Fon is not lost. Unlike our other Fons, he does not deserve to be found. Unlike our other Fons, he is simply dead. It is Rt. Justice Nyoh Wakai who is lost here. He is the illustrious one.

After the reign of death, the Fondom of Balikumbat has a chance to start again. The family of the Fon can rehabilitate their name by distancing themselves from the evil that he erected by preventing that evil to live after him. They can truly find a new Fon who takes reconciliation and peace with neighboring Fondoms seriously. The family can seek God's forgiveness by confessing those many, many publicly known sins and by turning their backs on the devilish path the late Fon blazed in his drunken quest for ever more blood.

Our people do not evoke evil spirits when they seek blessings or when they pour libation. Evoking the spirit of the late Fon of Balikumbat is like calling Lucifer to your help. Like that fallen angel, this fallen Fon cannot do, in death, the good he so clearly abhorred in life.We know that God will deliver justice but it is our duty to ensure that sites like Cameroon Online do not distort reporting on the facts that journalists have a sacred duty to bring to our people and document for history.

By Michael Ndi -- The Fon of Balikumbat, Doh Gah Gwanyin III, is no more. The Fon who was last seen on Friday August 31 in Bamenda, dropped dead the following day Saturday, September 1.Although the cause of the death has not yet been ascertained, his close aides speculate that he died of a heart attack. His untimely death comes two months after lightening struck and killed his wife in Balikumbat. Before his death, Fon Doh was a contractor, CPDM central committee and the President General of the North West Fons Conference (NOWEFCO)

The talk about Fon Doh’s passing away is echoed all over his Ngoketunjia Division and the entire North-West Region. Although the tradition here is not to talk ill about the dead, many people openly expressed happiness that the traditional ruler and politician, accused on many occasions of war-mongering and murder, was never going to walk the surface of the earth again.

A couple of years ago, Fon Doh’s Balikumbat subjects attacked Bambalang village and destroyed 251 houses, looted homes and the health center. The case is still pending in the High Court of Ngoketunjia. Earlier, Fon Balikumbat carried out another attack against Bafanji village in which several people were killed. Animals and property were equally looted. The upholstery chairs belonging to a Bafanji tycoon, Peter Ngufor were carted away to Fon Doh’s palace which he displayed in his parlor. An ardent ruling CPDM militant, Fon Doh was charged and convicted for the murder of the opposition SDF Balikumbat district chairman, John Kohtem, on August 24, 2004. He appealed the ruling and was set free by the authorities on health grounds. Coincidentally, Fon Doh dropped dead on September 1, 2012, six days after the date when John Kohtem was beaten to date on August 24, 2004.

Even within his own party, Balikumbat CPDM bigwigs were not at peace with Fon Doh. They accused him of greed as he concurrently held the major offices including MP, mayor and CPDM section president. Those who attempted to challenge him were branded traitors and severely dealt with. Before his death, he was again gunning for the post of mayor and the local parliamentary seat, positions he lost after widespread consternation following the murder of John Kohtem in 2004.

By Abraham Tangwe

The death of Fon DOH of Balikumbat is indeed good riddance to bad rubbish. A man like him who thrived or survived on the innocent blood of some Cameroonians is indeed so suddenly gone is divine justice! The courts freed him on the basis of a fictitious non-conviction certificate yet God’s justice is final. It is an indication to all those who think that they can pillage and abuse the welfare of all those placed under their tutelage to beware. We are very familiar with praying for our leaders since it is a divine dictum that all leaders are from God but this day, we rather pray for their complete annihilation because we are tired and sick of them. Let Fon DOH's demise sound the warning gong to all remaining blood sucking zombies still found in the octogenarian bunch to know that their days are numbered. Their end will come like a thief in the night for that hour, minute or second shall forever remain their headache. Let’s have faith.

By Victor Tarkeh

Fon Doh sowed terror in Ndop as a whole through killings, sponsoring wars (Bamunkumbit-Balighansen, Bafanji-Balikumbat, Bambalang-Balikumbat). These wars took many lives and left thousands homeless. I hope he meets with SDF district chair, Kohntem he murdered and was later found guilty and set free by the same court. Whoever said when people do bad things we should gloss over their misdeeds once they die? There was real joy for many and shock for a few in Balikumbat village this morning.HRH Fon Doh was getting ready to attend a crucial meeting on peace in Ngoketunjia Division today. His death is said to be a beginning of a long lasting peace in my division. His peers at the meeting were all bewildered but had a more serene meeting.

By Moses Taku-Ayuk

My people,

You have read my contribution to the death of our NW Fon who is/was believed to be wicked as Nebuchadnezzar was. The scriptures will always be fulfilled when such situations crop up to confirm or to see the wisdom and or ordinances of God being fulfilled to the latter.

Who is that son or daughter that will dishonor his father or mother including even his uncles/aunts and elders of the village and succeed in life? Talk less of living long here on earth. This is the case with young Galabe of Marketing Board Victoria now Fon. As he ascended to the Throne of Warriors Balikumbat elements or villagers, his name was changed to that of Fon Doh Gwanyi 111 whose reign and or name might be that of blood thirsty, wild native illiterate who must have been always looking for trouble (war) with his neighbors. Whenever you name your child to bear the name of your uncle or aunt, (that was wicked) that child will bear the spirit that goes with that name. The bible says as his name is, so he is. I am writing to assess the reason this young boy whom I knew with his senior brother-Allosius Galabe in Victoria, was automatically transformed from good to bad after ascending to the Throne and bearing a new name. The name and or demonic coronation attached to the graffi thrones has done all the wicked transformations in the life of this young boy of yesterday. If I did not know him with brother A.Galabe, I would not be in a position to assess his change in attitude from good to bad. People always change from bad to good and even to excellence, but he changed from good to very bad and also wicked and disrespectful to the honor and glorification of Satan the ruler of graffi thrones. He was disrespectful even to the king makers who installed him as Fon in their village which hither to his enthronement, was peaceful. It is the same assessment to Biya who was regarded as a Saint before taking over office as President. As he took over that office and was immediately introduced to Amorc society by (now in prison) Dr.Titus Edzoa, his character of a Saint was quickly corrupted and was transformed to bear the nature and or lifestyle of Satan (John 10:10a) who became his master and no longer God through His Son Jesus who gave him that exalted office. The Word of God states that-Promotion cometh not from any cardinal point but from above-that is from Heaven as He is the Owner of the whole world.(Psa.75:6-7 and Psa.24:1.)


His disrespectful and wicked attitude to his mother and elders of the village had automatically opened an emergency door for untimely death as bad or negative wishes were streaming from various motherly/fatherly and elderly negative pronouncements against his welfare and or longevity of life. You all should note that there is power in the Tongue as life and death are in the power of the tongue says the word of God (Prov.18:21). This is the only scripture that welcomes the answer to that decision of death or life from any tongue, be it righteous or an unrighteous. It is worse if pronounced from an anointed tongue of a man of God as it will not take time to manifest. You will agree with me that, the mother of King Solomon was the one through whom his brothers were channeling their requests to their brother who was now king as they could not go to him as frequently as before. As the mother, she was always free to go see her son whom she gave suck without appointment or audience. But in the case of Fon Doh, he had slapped the mother who came to give him counsel but was rewarded with a dirty slap which the 2 kingdom computers (Hell & Heaven) registered fast against his name. The computers in the 2 kingdoms are so fast in registering all that we do here on earth. But when you repent and ask for forgiveness, the entry is automatically wiped off from your record in the computers.


This sincere write-up of mine is to warn they that will be willing to take such offices both in public and or traditional in nature. They should surrender such promotions to the Lord who is the Promoter of persons to new positions in life. If you turn as Fon Doh and or Biya have turned to Satan, you will receive only worst and unacceptable administration to your people and the results will always be seen in the lives of your people-WRETCHED and in AGONY. God bless our people as they turn to God in all that they do. Traditional rites have no place in the 21st century as most of the rulers now know the Truth about life-that God is the Giver of life and not Satan. In Nigeria, most of the traditional rulers are now members of Pentecostal Holy Ghost filled anointed churches. They go to the church and know the Truth about how the Kings of old ruled their kingdoms with successes and always victorious in their King Jehoshaphat and David. They no longer do the demonic traditions that their forefathers did that were not giving glory to God. The servants of God from these NW villages that are still very demonically inclined should be soliciting their Fons/Chiefs to drop those old traditions.

Gideon had to destroy the shrine of his father's house before he went to war with his enemies-Amen. A learned and most adored King of Bali Nyongha is a man who should be able to change the demonic aspects of their inherited cultures that do not give glory to God the Creator. He is expected to cleanse that tribe and her village from all the bloodshed that they inherited from their numerous wars with their neighbors-Meta tribe. This write-up is an eye opener to them that think that old demonic cultures are still relevant in the 21st century. Born Again deliverance prayers that are being offered by the sons/daughters of such villages that are Believers, are daily weakening such demonic powers. I know how many numbers in quantity rating, spiritual prayers that are being forwarded to Heaven by our anointed Prophetess sister (S. Immanuel) from Bali. She knows what her village or city is passing through in the realm of the spirit and she has to go angrily in warfare to redeem her people in demonic traditions that do not bring glory and progress to her people both in and out of the village. God help us to turn to you-Amen. God bless our Kings and King-makers including politicians-Amen. Yours sincere Servant of God,

Rev (Papa) Taku-Ayuk Moses-alias Daniel to his people of S.Cs.


What mercy? Who told you there is an almighty beyond what we have in our physical world? Have you seen this almighty? His body (the wicked king that is) may rest in peace here on earth but not somewhere else. Why do you affirm the existence of something beyond your human senses? The only almighty that makes sense to a living mortal is one that is right here on earth. Beyond our physical environment is void.

By Eric Ngonji Njungwe

This man lived as a thug, and in death should be treated as a thug. Same goes to other criminals with the CPDM cult and their sympathizers at home and abroad. You will be judged by what you stand for, and what you advocated for your people. If you hope for respect in death, now is the time to turn away from your misdeeds and your support for evil against the people of Cameroon.

To what extent are we going to continue to pretend? When are we going to face the demons amongst us and call them out by the names most reflective of their actions? Why should we avoid talking about the brutality of the evil ones who lived amongst us and the untold suffering they caused to human kind simply because they are now deceased? The last time I checked, Death is not synonymous to Baptism, nor is it Penitence. This man had ample opportunities to make peace with the people he hurt throughout his oppressive reign in Balikumbat; instead he continued to crush them. He had ample opportunities to dissociate himself from the CPDM cult; instead he continued to militate with it and used the repressive machinery of the CPDM cult to rig elections, intimidate his people, and threaten their lives. You cannot belong to an evil cult and claim to be a good person. That is a contradiction in terms and practice. As a prominent and practical member of the CPDM cult, this man exhibited the worse forms of cruelty on his own people of Balibumbat, his neighbors, and the people of Cameroon. My concern and prayer are with his victims, not his carcass. I know God will take care of his soul, because if I am delegated that task with all the anger in me, I will ….

 By Sam

Their foolishness is made blatant by their own ignorance. In darkness, they speak as if they killed the "thug". The fact is he died without being killed by the angry mob. Why then are they sounding as if they're making excuses for killing the "thug-Fon"? Why all the justification? I don't get it. Normally, when one kills an armed robber or evil does like Osama-Bin-Laden, one may want to tell the public why one did it, and then take credit for nailing the rabbit. But when the armed robber dies "naturally", there is no reason to justify his death or make excuses for the "thug's" death. Why do these folks sound as if they over-powered and killed the bastard? He, on the other hand, over-powered them when he was alive and later got called to pay penance on the other side. After the fact, these cowards have developed the guts or courage to throw stones at the "thugs" corpse because he cannot retaliate. This is where "things falls apart" and they don't realize how laughable their behavior is.

By Herbert Boh

Our people do not generally speak ill of the dead. However, our people rarely have to bury someone on whose grave so many would like to spit. Our people consider Fons lost/disappeared when they die, but for a Fon who disappeared so many people and summarily executed others or commanded the troops that did the killings, this Fon is not lost. Unlike our other Fons, he does not deserve to be found. Unlike our other Fons, he is simply dead. It is Rt. Justice Nyoh Wakai who is lost here. He is the illustrious one.

After the reign of death, the Fondom of Balikumbat has a chance to start again. The family of the Fon can rehabilitate their name by distancing themselves from the evil that he erected by preventing that evil to live after him. They can truly find a new Fon who takes reconciliation and peace with neighboring Fondoms seriously. The family can seek God's forgiveness by confessing those many, many publicly known sins and by turning their backs on the devilish path the late Fon blazed in his drunken quest for ever more blood.

Our people do not evoke evil spirits when they seek blessings or when they pour libation. Evoking the spirit of the late Fon of Balikumbat is like calling Lucifer to your help. Like that fallen angel, this fallen Fon cannot do, in death, the good he so clearly abhorred in life. We know that God will deliver justice but it is our duty to ensure that sites like Cameroon Online do not distort reporting on the facts that journalists have a sacred duty to bring to our people and document for history.

By Concerned Paysan
Some people on this forum were saying that Fon Doh is Chom Bani's uncle. Mr. Chom Bani, if it is true, my condolences to you and your family bro. No matter our differences, death is one painful hell of a situation. Peace....
Chom accept my condolences, very difficult for me to express my opinion, because we do not talk ever about the death, but to every rule, there is an exception! Your uncle was not a liked man as you must know, in and out of Balikumbat. I hear people have been celebrating!! May he rest in pieces!!
By Ngwa  
Chom, your uncle was a devil in human form and we must say it as it is. I wish you shun from some of his character traits you strangely exhibit here. You don't treat Fru Ndi for a gainakoh because you say you want to scrutinize him. This is character assassination, and I'm afraid you took a page from your uncle's book. When fon dog shot someone in 1992, the people wanted to lynch him, but Dr. Dewah fell on him and gave him cover, saying he would die first than see anything happen to the butcher. Dr. Dewah whisked him off to the Bafangji Fon's palace. True to his hard-hearted instincts, he still had the temerity to banish Dr. Dewah from his fondom. This is good riddance to a stone in the shoes of the Cameroonian people. This modern day Hitler died in the shameful way he lived. We don't talk ill of the dead, but this man defied logic and went to every extent to inflict pain and belittle fellow men. I don't think we will have good words for his master Biya either, when he goes.
By Bongmi Likang
I was told that while at the Bafanji palace, the then fon clothed him and asked some of his men to escort him to the Western Province where he spent some time. But guess what...the following year he and his tribe men invaded Bafanji destroyed houses, killed people and raped women and children. This man was a brutal killer, a monster and what have you. More than 100 children in Bafanji are without parents thanks to this killer, Doh. Bambalang invasion is still fresh in our minds.Doh brought so much sufferings to his own people and to the people of NW in the name of the fire party and I hope Biya will attend the funeral ceremony to pay his respect to a terrorist he protected for this long time. Chom the soul of your uncle will never rest in peace even in hell
By Jacques Toubon
When I refuse to be a praise singer for John Fru Ndi that makes Fon Doh my uncle. Let someone tell me if they would cast the Biblical first stone before declaring another person a candidate for hell. Fon Doh is just as bad as the person who fooled Bamenda people to follow him and turned around taking checks from the very person he called at rallies, devil. That is Judas Iscariot. The blood of Bamenda people is on his palms.
By  Chombani
Don't compare your murderous uncle to a leader who has never forced someone to follow him. Your uncle invaded villages, raced them to the ground, stole furniture for use at home, and eliminated a cripple. You must have been using this stolen furniture too. Stand by your uncle. Don't disown him now that he can no longer teach you how to be a dictator.
By  MsJoe

 If this murderer of a Fon did not commit the ultimate heinous crime of talking the life of another human being who was defenseless, the average humane restraint will apply. The political nature of the crime shatters the need for consideration. Consider what? His legacy as a political thug overshadows all else.


By Rexon

Dead of anyone should be a time of reflection for the living. It doesn’t matter what our impression is of the Fon who has passed away, but as we remember him for whatever reason, we should reflect on our own lives. How are we living? Are we respecting humanity, so that when we die, we are going to leave a better world? Are our actions, words and works contributing towards humanity? Are we what we wanted Fon Doh and others that have died before him to be? Fon Doh is gone.

By Mishe Fon

My only memory of the man "sorry the Fon" was in Yaounde. This guy had a series of girl friends. This particular one was a 3rd year English student (Ngoa Ekelle) at Mini-CitéDjomo. The Chief had equipped the room with all modern paraphernalia: Flat screen colored TV, Parabolic antenna (in a mini-cité), Vono bed with 12" Dunlop Mattress, Refrigerator, Gas Cooker, black & white "carpet", Radio/cassette/DVD player, cushion chair, complete cupboard full of steady supplies of cabin biscuits, blue band margarine, Kumba bread, pinyin biscuits...and other goodies that small Ngoa chicks adored. She was the star and envy of all the "Branchées, Jeunes Talents, Rhumtas" of the Djomo Cité "University of Yaoundé Factory".

One day as Pa Chief was driving around Ngoa, he remembered he had a "Smol Ting" in the vicinity and decided to go "Freshen Up himself 4 dey" B4 his "Parliamentary Paul Biya’s CPDM sessions". Lo and behold, on opening "HIS" Mini-Cité Djomo room (since he had his own keys), he surprised one stupid yeye young "Ngoa" guy totally in Adam’s attire on (not even inside) his "wife". For one brief moment, Pa Chief forgot that he was a Bamendrous "King", a "Député Parlementaire", a millionaire and an "Old Pa". He pounced on the poor kid (the guy, not the girl) and beat the daylight out of the poor fool. He went outside, called his doungouru Balikumbat body guards and they came and emptied all the furniture including the girl’s clothes, shoes, timakassas, ngwashis, baby pancakes, Nku-Creams, Corsets, the two rope dross they now call short everything....and went outside and set everything ablaze. Can you imagine this level of barbarity? Morality: I really don’t know what to say. The Man was a REAL MANAWA...but as they say: We should never speak evil or ill of the Dead as all of us will one day DIE.


By Bonaventure Tchucham

Really nasty and terrifying! I hadn't heard of this man and his heroic acts of war before. It's incredible! I have been terrified and devastated by the report by our Elder one Ntemfac Ofege and the comments of the people of the region who were aware of the wrongdoings of the man. That he was covered by the CPDM-government is no surprise to me though! The Lamido of Rey Bouba enjoys the same privilege! He is allowed to build a state within the State.

I better understand the reaction of Boh Herbert after reading these reports! That such things can be possible and that men intended to protect their people and render justice to them can instead wage war on everyone is a subject of meditation to everyone involved in politics in our country and willing to bring about a Cameroon where the rule of law is the guarantee of every man’s security, where every Cameroonian is at home everywhere in the country and where fairness in politics propels our country out of the reign of darkness the Yaoundé regime has plunged us into! Our generation has to work for the advent of that Cameroon!

 By Rev Jonathan Awasom

It does not matter what you say. What matters is what you have learned about dead as it will visit you one day. Let him wake up from the golden coffin and golden grave and bite us again? Demi-gods who are still helpless before the true and awesome God never learn any lesson of humility and humanity. When given power they think power was meant to kill and exploit the people as they like it without consequences. Then not long they are dead like a rat. Frail and vain!

Yes, we can big mouth and feel really relieved because we were thinking that tyrants, dictators, killers and murderers were above dead. So, when they, too become helpless when dead comes knocking, then we are left scratching our heads and wondering why they were killing and destroying lives and property in the first place? This is what you should be rationalizing on if you think that you can reason over some unreasonable things in life! Take the big mouth as a warning to those of you who are NARROW-MINDED! Your turn is coming soon whether you rise up to the moon and back, dead is waiting everyone who is "from dust you were made and to dust you shall return" Mortal men never ever can give in to defeat when the truth resurrects

You are trying to be rationale with evil? Is it everything that you have to rationalize? What about humanization of humanity so that reason should not overcome your conscience and compassion for the living. The people big mouthed when he was alive and they are still big mouthing but Konde can you CPDM folks commit these crimes again? You did in those days and you know that this cannot happen again at this moment in history. So, you can lament all you want! He is not our Fon. We just care about the victims and not about his office.


This man, Doh, was a criminal. Forget party affiliation. It doesn't matter to me. Graffi culture is very resolute when it comes to abuse of power by a king. They will get rid of him in a heart-beat. How can his "soul" if there is any such thing, rest in peace? There are many of his victims whose "souls" are not resting in peace. In ancient times, this criminal would have been summarily executed by his kwifo.

 By Sam

I do not disagree with you. But for the sake of the living and the Fon's loved ones who committed no crimes against humanity, we are called upon to respect the culture of the Bali people. After seven days or so, we can in anger, exhume the body, burn it and take the ashes to lake Oku, for disposal. Then legend and posterity will spell out what a scumbag the dude
By Barrister Sichui John Kameni

 Good Talk Dr. Rexon. Life after death is at the mercy of the Almighty and bedrock for us living to introspect of ourselves as we drive through the highway of life on earth. Fon Doh RIP might have hurt many, his absence now reconciles all with their past and his presence in their lives. An opportunity for forgiveness and forward movement. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

 By Sam Esale

What does the Bali culture teach us about the dead? Which one of you has been to a funeral and told the mourners that the one lying in the casket, CPDM or SDF, deserved to die? Where is the common decency and respect for the Bali culture and tradition? There is time for everything under the sun. A time to mourn and a time for judgment and condemnation.
Vengeance is mine", said the Lord God of Host.*My peace I leave with you.

By Emmanuel Konde

We have a bunch of Cameroonians who are as hateful as the people they condemn. How does one undertake the useless task of insulting a dead man? And for what purpose? Just to inflame the passions of the living and further the vicious cycle of hate? Circumspection and the goodness that inhabits rational humans dictate that we desist from speaking ill of the dead, for they are no longer here to defend themselves. Let their evil deeds depart with them, and the good ones be proclaimed, if any. Otherwise, simply maintain a guarded silence. Circumspection!

By Manu

We must all be witnessing the rebirth of the Guru. With all the insults and negative scrutiny that have been brought against Muna and Foncha, I'm truly flattered that our Guru is coming out openly in defense of a Graffi Fon. We must desist from speaking about any atrocities committed by a despotic Fon or leader from the Northwest as long as it is done in the name of CPDM. Uhmm!!! How about that? I can't wait to read that objective Text Book on the political history of LRC written by our very own.

By Ni Kehbuma-Mo-Tachuh

A giant has fallen!! When the rumor first went round here, I we could not believe it because people like that do not die easily. Whenever my memories take me back to when HRH Gahgwanyin was enthroned as King, I always shouted “Long Live Gwanyinyi” When he was enthroned; he used violence (the whip) to scare away most of his notables and “Nchinted” from the palace. In the end he needed the assistance of the administration to rally them back. Indeed that name “Gahgwanyin” seems to conjure up a lot of violence and dictatorship. When he started behaving in that manner, an elder informed me that “Gagwanyin I” also behaved in the same manner during the German Era and had a lot of difficulties with the German Administration. Why should anybody called “Gwanyinyi” not behave like one? The Hyena or what the Bali call “Gwanyinyi” is a redoubtable carnivorous animal that seizes its prey from Lions and Leopards. Leopards sometimes get out of their way by carrying their booty up the tree. Lions have nothing to do but to surrender to them since they always attack in a band. “Gwanyinyi” is therefore an animal that is feared by even the King of the Forest. The name is a very perfect name for a Chamba King since it befits them!! We should not therefore blame our friend Galabe for behaving the way he did. It is the name that was controlling him. The King is dead. Long live the King!!
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Dr. Peter Vakunta is professor at the United States Department of Defense Language Institute, POM